Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yeh Hero Aap Ko Mubarak Ho...

Even I am not completely agree with Mr. Abbas Athar, but his point of view so strong and valid. It shows the cruel face of our so-called GODFATHERS of Islam.

Lesson from Neighbours

Another good lesson from a little far neighbour.

Isn’t it Extremism?

I just wonder on double standard of Indian and western media. They never talk or point out extremist group other than Muslims. Are they blind or don’t want to show the real truth. Or they are more patriotic to their country or not like our so called free media who only promote negative image of country and religion.

Old Plan, New Strategy

I become so angry when I received the news of killing of another shia guy Yawar Abbas in Karachi. It’s been 4th target killing against a particular sect in last 7 days. Why it always happen to us? Now, they are killing a particular sect in the name of political target killing. But I am damn sure about it that there is same group or same intention or you can say same hatred against us behind these target killings. Now they are executing old plan with new tactics.